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How can I install the latest version of gcc/g++ development tools on my CentOS ?

I have version 4.1.* on the machine.

Can I do above from yum ?

I would be glad to read your responses to my questions



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  • CentOS 6 cames with gcc 4.4.7, CentOS 7 uses 4.8.2. yum update should get you the latest supported release.

    what version of CentOS do you have? gcc 4.1 is fairly old (2006-2007)

    if you need newer versions of gcc and support than your version of CentOS supports, the only way to get them woujld be to build your own in to run in an alternate directory, such as /usr/local/gcc49, rather than replace the standard versions, otherwise you’ll likely break things that depend on the standard version for your OS..

  • ok, gcc 4.1.2 was bundled with CentOS 5 (I forgot I had one CentOS 5
    legacy test/dev system left alive)… you can yum install gcc44
    gcc44-c++ to get 4.4.7, is that new enough? note this installs the compiler as /usr/bin/gcc44 and g++44 so you’ll need to update any of your build scripts to specify gcc44 and/or g++44 to use this newer version.