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it showed up here. dunno what to suggest.

maybe install 5.11 on a VM somewhere with the same package set and architecture (on the blown system, /var/log/rpmpkgs, then copy everything in /bin ? boot the target system with a rescue OS, mount your OS root as /mnt or something, and copy that backup to /mnt/bin ?

this won’t be perfect unless you know exactly what RPMs were installed on the blown system, but its probably better than nothing.

I dunno. I think I’d install a new box with 6 or 7, and migrate over whatever app stuff you need.

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  • I’ll try running the install again. I did this exact same thing a year ago, and all worked fine. The only difference was that I didn’t partition the disk this time, and I preserved one partition’s data. I’ll back it up and just go the whole route with a format and partition in the installer and see if it works.

    It is strange that it finds the /boot partition to get the gtub.conf, but can’t see the initrd and vmlinuz files there…