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Hi All, I have running CentOS 5.7 32 bit server . I would like to install VPN server in this same machine and would like to access my emails and samba through VPN. How to do install vpn server and config as well in which VPN is reliable and fast. Please anyone give me the full step and procedure.

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  • Hi Paolo, I have installed proper way and open vpn is running perfect on CentOS
    server. But i could not connect from windows 8 desktop and i tried to connect open vpn client GUI and shows below message.

    read UDPv4: Connection reset by peer (WSAECONNRESET) (code054)

    Could you please help me.

    What is the different between open vpn and pptp.

  • hi Chandran,

    if you create a connection using PPTP with windows he will query the remote ip on port 1723. if you have a VPN on the remote server you type openVPN you need the appropriate client that will query the remote server on port 1194

    in Window 8 you can install the openVPN client: there is no support for windows 8 but should work the same. try .it

    let me know thank you

  • Hi, How to check 1194 port whether open or not on the server and client. And how to open the port in both client and server.

  • hi,

    you must first add the rule in the firewall. if you use iptables:

    accept all connection
    -A INPUT -p tcp -m state –state NEW –dport 1194 -j ACCEPT

    if you have a public IP static (more secure):
    -A INPUT -s -p tcp -m state –state NEW -m tcp –dport 1194
    -j ACCEPT

    you install a client nmap and do a scan on that specific port or use one of the many online services (example: )
    in your router if there is no particular rule filtering traffic, try initially to disable the windows firewall. if it works so we see how to fix it step by step.

    let me know kind regards