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I have a question about which ISO to use to install CentOS 6.3. I have installed it before from a USB stick, and when I did, I got a installation package selection menu. I overwrote that USB with something else, and I
work out which ISO is the with that configuration option.

When I installed it before, I had the opportunity to select from among the options listed here.

Yes, I know that I can just use yum to get the things I want, but I would like to set up a USB stick like the one I had before that can be used for multiple installations.

One thing that changed is that when I installed it before, I set it up on a
350 GB partition, and I have it now on a 100 GB partition. I don’t know if the install script is looking at partition size to decide the options available. I would think not.

Any help would be appreciated.



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  • I generally PXE boot my servers and my desired packages are listed in kickstart configuration files. If you have locally mirrored the CentOS
    mirror then PXE booting and pointing your servers at your mirror is a no-brainer.

    Even if you’ve not locally mirrored CentOS packages, I still think you would do well with the netinstall ISO. Small image and _only_ the packages
    (or package groups ) you select are downloaded (versus larger CD or DVD ISO

    What was it that you had before? Details. Maybe you copied the ISO contents to your USB drive and made it bootable with syslinux?

    You can configure partition layouts in kickstart configs … did you do this with your former bootable USB drive?