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i am going to run a fresh install of CentOS 6.4 and want to mount 3
partitions of oos that are formatted as ntfs in an oem installed box.

if during install, i set up partitions /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, and
/dev/sdb1 as ntfs, will install install ntfs software or will i have to select it later on in installation?

also, is it better to mount them under /mnt to keep /media clean?


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  • what is “oos” ?

    you cannot install CentOS on a NTFS volume. use ext3 or ext4 for the system volumes.

    to install the ntfs support and tools, you will first need to add the EPEL package repository, then

    # yum install *ntfs-3g ntfsprogs*

    and then read up on how to use ntfs-3g

  • hello john,

    apologies. failed to insert [msos]

    not wanting to install to ntfs. the box is an hp with ntfs for oos [msos].

    i intend to reformat CentOS partitions as ext4.

    which answers all 3 questions for install.

    thank you.

  • John is right on the money with ntfs3g

    It really doesn’t matter.

    But… It’s common for stationary storage to be mounted under /mnt and temporary storage (think USB thumb drive) to be mounted under /media.

  • frankly, I usually create top level directories for permanent mounts.
    maybe /ntfs (under which you might have a /ntfs/disk1, /ntfs/disk2, etc, or something more suitable).