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Up until this morning I have been running multiple versions of Libre and Open Office on my x86_64 CentOS desktop including the most recent. I decided, foolishly, to remove the oldest versions. Now I cannot get anything other than the LO version from base (3.4.5) to run. And, reinstalling all the older versions do not alter this condition.

What I am seeing is this:

# openoffice4
no suitable windowing system found, exiting.

SELinux is often cited as the cause of this problem for OOo but the system is set to permissive and in any case nothing respecting OOo shows up when I run audit2why.

# getenforce Permissive

I found a site that gives instructions for installing OOo 4.0.1 on CentOS-6.4
but even after following those instructions literally step by step I still get the “no suitable windowing system found” error. Can anyone here help resolve this for me?

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