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I’ve used ipmitool any number of times, but never for more than getting info, or setting the server name on a Dell LCD screen. However, I had a server screaming about intruder alert, intruder alert, er, “Chassis intrusion detected”, and I thought there might be a way to shut it up
(this after pulling the server and reseating the lid). A quick google found, on the first page, an 8 page document by Dell called “Managing Dell PowerEdge Servers Using IPMItool”. It’s clear, comprehensible, has links to the ipmitool project, and to the IPMI standard, which has documentation on calls and parameters. It also has some examples… including “How to turn off intrusion detected events”…. Other than the device ID being different on my Penguin than on a Dell PE, it was completely accurate… and it worked.

A bit scary – I didn’t want to turn off everything, or brick the server, but it worked as advertised.

So, push that onto your stack for the time when you need it, folks.


3 thoughts on - Interesting Admin Info: Ipmitool

  • Joseph Spenner wrote:

    Dunno if it wraps around, I thought it was their own implementation. ipmitool is a standard distro package, and can be run *without* rebooting, which I like a lot.


  • Paul Heinlein wrote:

    Heh – yeah, this was a Penguin, who’s all SuperMicro. We don’t use it remotely – just SSH in, then use it.


  • Paul Heinlein wrote:
    Someone else with Penguins. So, have you managed to get rid of all your cute fuzzy penguins that come with each server?

    We’re not buying any more – SuperMicro seems to have real problems with quality control.