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I’m getting the (unintelligible to me) error message
ipmi_si: Could not set up I/O space
ERST: Failed to get Error Log Address Range when I try to boot any OS on the grub menu apart from the one I last installed.
(Actually, Windows also boots properly.)

I wonder if anyone has had this error message, and worked out where it comes from?

I googled for it, and it has come up many times;
but there seem to be several entirely different suggested causes.

I am running CentOS-6.5 on an HP MicroServer. I mention that as some of the explanations suggest that it only occurs on certain machines.

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  • You have the IPMI daemon running on boot (which is normally acceptable [on servers equipped with iLO/BMC hardware] ).

    chkconfig –list ipmi

    service ipmi status

    I’d start by trying to stop and then start the ipmi daemon — maybe you’ll get additional useful information.

    service ipmi stop service ipmi start

    I am not familiar with that hardware, but I expect it has an integrated lights out (iLO) card installed in it?
    [ On Dell hardware you have a baseboard management controller (BMC) instead of iLO. ]

  • SilverTip257 wrote:

    And once you see that /dev/ipmi is running, then what I’m assuming you have installed, ipmitools, ipmitool sel list to see the system event log, which is a BMC hardware thing, independent of the O/S – it’s *low* level.