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Cent OS 5.5 x64 does not boot on certain AMD-based servers. Following error is displayed:

Code: 8b 72 40 48 8d 4c 24 1c 48 8b 7a 20 ba c4 01 00 00 e8 5f 77 RIP [] cpuid4_cache_lookup+0x256/0x356 RSP  CR2: 000000000040
Kernel panic — not syncing: Fatal exception This issue was noticed on Dell PowerEdge R715 with AMD Opteron 12-core processor. Is there any kernel specific patch which addresses this issue?


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  • Have you tried installing the most recent release (5.8 or 6.3
    depending on your requirements)?

    5.5 is pretty ancient and only the current code is supported for a given major revision number (ie CentOS5 or CentOS6 at this time given that CentOS5 is now end of life).

  • Thanks. I will indeed install Cent OS 5.8 and see if that resolves the issue. RHEL 5 had released some kernel-xen patch to address this issue. So, just wanted to know if a similar thing is available for CentOS.

  • Yes, if anything is incorporated into the main EL5 or EL6 lines upstream, it is also incorporated into CentOS. We build what they release.