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Just want to thank everyone for their help. I finally got the virtualization going.

I know you guys that do this for a living may not feel this way, but in the eyes of this guy, this is AWESOME!!

Been doing linux as a hobby since Slackware 1.0, then moving to RH 2.x. I
have a little website but it’s a hosted site.

Back in the early days, I previously tried doing it from home. Upgraded to a
‘business’ class connection, static IP, etc. I remember one time driving from Charlotte, NC back to Lexington, SC at 8:00PM to reboot the server, and back to Charlotte.

I now use my home server for testing new features. A php upgrade by my hosting company a few years about killed me. It took weeks to correct the deprecated functions. Hopefully now, I can stay a little ahead of the game.

Now its set it an forget, unless there is a hardware issue, kernel update, version update, or me doing a reboot after an uninstall or something, I can spend my little free time on other things.

Things have come a long ways because of people like you.

Tip of the hat to you!!