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m.roth@5-cent.us wrote:

“Leave” isnt part of the applications menu, so you cannot edit it.

— rex

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  • m.roth@5-cent.us wrote:

    In a constructive vein, could you describe your motivation(s) for wanting to edit the “Leave” menu? Knowing that, perhaps we could find some alternative/better approach.

    — rex

  • I guess you missed the beginning of this thread: I wanted to add gqview to the menu, so I ran the KDE menu updater… and it broke leave – clicking leave give me the submenu, bot lock screen does *nothing* at all. I’m trying to restore it, rather than having to type my alias for … I’m not at work yet, and I’ve got 5.9 here, not 6.4, but it’s kde’s screenlocker. That works fine; it’s just the menu option hosed.


  • mark wrote:

    Strange indeed, menu editor obviously shouldn’t do that. :(

    the customizations should get saved to something under:

    You could try removing stuff from there (manually re-running ‘kbuildsycoca4’
    after manual changes) until Leave works again.

    — rex