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Brand new CentOS 6.4 installation. The window manager is Gnome; I tried some trick found on the web to chande it to KDE without success. Do somebody can tell me what to do to get KDE working on this installation.

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  • Craig White wrote:

    I agree. When I’ve gotten something that had gnome running, it was
    *really* hard to find any way to make it run kde, not the other way around.

    mark “gnome has the same attitude as M$”

  • Michel, are you trying to change your window manager (gdm vs kdm) or your desktop (gnome vs kde)?

    If you are trying to change your desktop, then Craig’s suggestion would work, though keep in mind that the “session” section of the gdm window manager is on the password screen, i.e. you enter your username and then you have the option to change your desktop on the next screen. Like Mark said, they don’t make it easy, meh!

    If you are trying to change the window manager itself, as in have kdm handle the login screen rather than gdm, then you would need to create the file /etc/sysconfig/desktop and put these two lines in that file:


    then reboot the machine and it should come back up with the kdm console screen (and the system default desktop set to kde). Keep in mind that you may need to explicitly install the yum group KDE-Desktop in order to set the window manager to kdm. Depending on which type of os install you did, that group doesn’t get installed. For example, for my workstations we generally use the install choice Software Development Workstation, and we need to do a yum-install of the group after the os installation is finished (since we don’t bother with the customization stuff until post-install).

    Hope this helps!

  • On the login screen there was no place as in 5.9 or older to make a choice of desktop environment. I changed DESKTOP=”KDE”
    and it has no effect; GNOME hang on there.

    So because of a lot of flaws in my installation and of lack of time I decide to go back to 5.9 and get a look later for a 6.4 installation.