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Anyone know if there is a kernel autoconfigure tool to compile from source ?

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  • 2012/3/27 Johnny Hughes :

    Simply I want enable grsecurity. I downloaded vanilla kernel and
    grsecurity patch but I dont want reconfigure every kernel options..
    because it’s too long read and understand every feature of the kernel.
    Also I want disable all modules I dont need. Finally I dont want
    Thanks very much for any help

  • I actually asked this question on the kernel mailing list and someone pointed me to a tool that would
    look at you current running system an generate a config file. Only problem is if there are features you
    may want in the future that are modules and aren’t loaded currently, they don’t get configured.

    This was a year or so ago and I don’t remember the tool’s name though.

  • If your goal is to build a vanilla kernel that runs on CentOS, look at
    kernel-ml as suggested by Phil:

    Yes, someone (Alan Bartlett) did the heavy lifting to elaborate the
    config file for both el5 and el6. You should be able to modify it to
    accommodate your needs fairly easily.