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Note that kernel-debug contains a debug version of the normal kernel NOT debuginfo for the normal kernel.

debuginfo for the normal kernel is named kernel-debuginfo (and kernel-debuginfo-common) and is only available on vault/debuginfo (and some select mirrors like

…there is even debuginfo for the -debug kernel and this is (not surprisingly) named kernel-debug-debuginfo[-common..].


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  • Hi,

    Even though I am not running a kernel yum wants to install the kernel-debuginfo for it.

    # yum install –disablerepo=\* –enablerepo

  • Because both the regular and the plus packages are in the base-debuginfo repo and the plus ones have a higher EVR, this is yum’s expected behavior. You’d want to exclude the plus packages in yum’s configuration file.

    In CentOS-7, ‘kenrel’ and ‘kernel-plus’ are separate, so this will not happen.