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I just noticed that the stock CentOS7 kernels no longer include state/match support. What happened and what can be done to get it?


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    1. Look at a RHEL kernel and see if we did something different in CentOS .. if we did, we will fix it. If our kernel acts like the RHEL
    one then go to step 2.

    2. Ask Red Hat why they made the change and get them change it back.

    3. When they do, the CentOS team will build that changed source code.

    The above applies to ANY changes in ANY part of CentOS Linux .. we faithfully rebuild the source code for RHEL, only changing as required for artwork/branding.

    There is another option .. If you know how to fix the issue via patching, and if it was not taken out for a security reason .. AND .. if you can convince Akemi to put it into the CentOS Plus kernel
    (, then you can add things into that modified repository.

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes