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Hi, I’m trying to setup the provisioning of new OpenStack hypervisors with cinder volumes on them. The problem is that kickstart doesn’t allow dashed in volume group names?
I tried this:

volgroup cinder-volumes –pesize@96 pv.02

and this:

volgroup cinder–volumes –pesize@96 pv.02

but in both cases I end up with a volume group named “cindervolumes” on the system. Any idea what I have to do to accomplish this?
Defining VGs with dashes works perfectly fine on the command line.


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  • Hi Dennis

    Did you try to screen it via “\” ? i.e. “volgroup cinder\-volumes
    –pesize@96 pv.02” ?


  • Since LVs can be referenced in a way that contains dashes, I expect dashes may not be allowed.

    See these examples:

    But the following excerpt from “man lvm” doesn’t support my thought.

    The following characters are valid for VG and LV names: a-z A-Z 0-9
    + _ . –

    VG and LV names cannot begin with a hyphen. There are also various reserved names that are used internally by lvm that can not be used as
    LV or VG names. A VG cannot be called anything that exists in /dev/
    at the time of creation, nor can it be called ‘.’ or ‘..’. A LV can‐
    not be called ‘.’ ‘..’ ‘snapshot’ or ‘pvmove’. The LV name may also not contain the strings ‘_mlog’, ‘_mimage’, ‘_rimage’, ‘_tdata’,

    Underscores work just fine. You might consider using underscores instead of dashes.

    As maxxik suggests, you may consider escaping the hypen/dash.

    // SilverTip257 //

  • If you have commands that work on the command line, try adding them to the post install section of the kickstart file.


  • Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:

    Dunno why you’re insisting on putting dashes in the name, but have you tried volgroup ‘cinder-volumes’, with single quotes around the name?


  • It seems so.

    If I understand it correct then it should have been fixed long ago. I tried it.

    CentOS 5 does *not* strip the dash Fedora 18 does *not* strip the dash but CentOS 6 *does strip* the dash

    It seems like a regression. You are using CentOS 6, aren’t you?
    Would you mind filing a bugzilla?