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I would like to use the new bonding feature of kickstart in release 6.4.

My setup is one bonding interface (bond0) with two (eth0, eth1)
ethernet cards. I am using two VLANs on bonding interface so I have no IP for bond0 but have IPs for bond0.1 and bond0.2. If I create config by hand it works.

Now I would like to convert my kickstart file using the new bonding feature. The kickstart file has:

network –onboot=yes –noipv6 –device=eth0 –bootproto=static network –onboot=yes –noipv6 –device=eth1 –bootproto=static network –onboot=yes –noipv6 –device=bond0 –bootproto=static
–bondslaves=eth0,eth1 –bondopts=…

Kickstart gives an error to the bond0 line saying “The provided network interface bond0 does not exist”. Why? Then I put a ‘modprobe bonding’ line to my %pre section. Now same error in the following line:

network –onboot=yes –noipv6 –device=bond0 –vlanid=1
–bootproto=static –ip2.168.1.1 –netmask%

It is clear as I do not have bond0.1 but why should I have at setup time. I do not want to use at setup time only in my final installation.

I am lost that point so I turned to the list. I do not really understand why kickstart use interface bond0 and others at the setup time. Is it just parameters for making config file to my installation.

Any idea what is the problem or a good tutorial on this new feature?

Thanks, a