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Hello Guys,

after hours of uncessfull create example before i forward special parition tests.

part ignoe –onpart

But Installation hang out for parition the harddisk.

jump to another console partitions are ok ?

Which line/lines is/are missing?



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  • There are an awful lot of typos in this email message, including the command you’re saying you’re using… leads me to wonder if you’re not making similar errors in what you’re actually doing.

  • I’m ill, i’m german …

    the script is looks ok, copy from a slim installation of anaconda. Insert only the “pre part”


    part /boot –onpart=/dev/sda1
    part / –onpart=/dev/sda2
    part swap –onpart=/dev/sda3

    As i wrote: Jump over to another console and the partitions are there.



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