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Any hope of KMail (and Kontact) coming to CentOS-7?
What exactly is the problem?
KMail seems to work on other Linux OS’s.

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  • Work? Keyword here is “seems”.
    Since Kmail1 on KDE3 there is no really fully working version that does not bork up your mail semi regulary. And do not even get me started on that “akonadi” crap.

    Burn me once, …. Burn me twice, …
    …. But what do you call a program that destroys your mail more often than once per year?
    I call that Krashmail / Trashmail.

    YMMV, but my milage was very short each time I tried since after KDE3.

    Tried on openSUSE, Fedora, Kubuntu, on all it failed.

    Text-only mailers like Mutt or Alpine for the win.

    – Yamaban.

  • Everyone has, and is entitled to, their own opinion. FWIW I’m still using kmail on CentOS 6 and I’m very happy with it. I too would like to see it on CentOS 7.


  • Yamaban wrote:

    I haven’t found either of those problems on Fedora-24/KDE. I have criticisms of KMail, but basically it works fine for me.

    Actually I save email on my CentOS-7 home server, and back it up (with BackupPC) every night, so it would not be the end of the world if Fedora KMail ate my email. But it doesn’t.