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Have a few Supermicro based CentOS boxes at remote date center. Is there anyway to do a remote KVM over TCP to them for the case when they do not seem to come back after a reboot?

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  • the ones I’ve used have a full IPMI/KVM on a seperate ethernet management port. I believe this is an optional feature, some motherboards/systems have it, some don’t. I would NOT plug this into the public internet, rather, I would have a seperate management LAN
    whihc you need to access via a VPN or SSH tunnel or something.

  • I’ve used both remote KVM and SOL, and both work very well. Your board must have an active BMC for this to work; as John mentioned, it’s not a default feature (though it’s becoming more so on ”server-class”

    The remote KVM is a Java Web Start applet. I’ve had some issues getting it to work, especially on an OS X client. A CentOS client is usually okay but sometimes flaky. Serial-over-LAN is more convenient to access but less well documented (which says something, since Supermicro’s docs on their IPMI implementation are generally quite poor).

    And +2billion on securing the subnets used to access to the IPMI consoles.