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I’m looking for a well-supported ExpressCard or PCMCIA/CardBus SCSI card that can do at least FastSCSI (Narrow, Wide not necessary) that is supported by CentOS 7. I have an Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460D, but it doesn’t seem to be supported (it’s previously supported by the aha152x driver).

Any ideas are welcomed, other than ‘just use a desktop.’ I am not sure a USB or Firewire to SCSI bridge will work for what I need, which is connection to an audio-capable DDS2 drive (SGI Firmware Seagate/Conner/ArDAT Peregrine 4326 that is from an SGI system). Yeah, I
know I can use DATman on IRIX (I have a pair of O2’s and a purple Indigo2 w/ SolidIMPACT), but going forward I’d like to use my laptop.

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  • if it wasn’t a laptop, I’d suggest looking for a NCR/Symbios/LSI based SCSI card with a 53c8xx chip, but I’ve only ever seen these on ISA and PCI, never on expresscard or pcmcia

    parallel SCSI was long dead when pci-express came out, and expresscard is based on PCI-E, so the odds of finding anything there are really slim
    … and cardbus/pcmcia has been dead for several years.

  • Yeah, I have a few of those left over from an AlphaServer 2100 build……

    Hmm, this does give me an idea. There are ‘bridge boxes’ out there that will take an ExpressCard slot and give you a couple of PCI or PCIe slots; I do have an Adaptec U320 PCIe x1 controller here along with several PCI SCSI cards of various types, and one of these bridge boxes/bus extenders might serve the purpose. Thanks, John, you gave me an idea…..

  • do people really still use DAT audio tape ? all the pro audio recording I know of nowdays is done to direct to disk or SD card or whatever. I use a tascam dr07 digital audio recorder, which records direct to SD, a single 32gb SD card can hold like 40+ hours of DAT or CD
    grade PCM audio.

  • I personally use an Edirol R-09 direct-to-SD 24-bit WAV recorder myself, but I was given an archive of several dozen audio DATs to produce.

  • For what it’s worth, I dug up out of my collection of ‘stuff’ a Xircom PortGear USB-SCSI dongle, bought the appropriate adapter from 25 to 50
    pin, and connected it to an SGI-OEM Archive Peregrine/Python drive.
    Here’s what CentOS 7 sees:
    [10991.409385] usb 4-1.1: new full-speed USB device number 8 using ehci-pci
    [10991.509177] usb 4-1.1: New USB device found, idVendor45, idProduct07
    [10991.509186] usb 4-1.1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=5
    [10991.509191] usb 4-1.1: Product: Entrega USB to SCSI Converter
    [10991.509195] usb 4-1.1: Manufacturer: Entrega Technologies Inc.
    [10991.509200] usb 4-1.1: SerialNumber: 07
    [10991.515903] usb-storage 4-1.1:1.0: USB Mass Storage device detected
    [10991.516044] usb-storage 4-1.1:1.0: Quirks match for vid 1645 pid 0007: 4
    [10991.516591] scsi host7: usb-storage 4-1.1:1.0
    [10997.259938] scsi 7:0:2:0: Sequential-Access ARCHIVE Python 01931-XXX
    5.63 PQ: 0 ANSI: 2
    [11006.734904] scsi 7:0:2:0: Attached scsi generic sg4 type 1
    [11006.745965] st: Version 20101219, fixed bufsize 32768, s/g segs 256
    [11006.747264] st 7:0:2:0: Attached scsi tape st0
    [11006.747272] st 7:0:2:0: st0: try direct i/o: yes (alignment 512 B)
    [11006.752472] osst :I: Tape driver with OnStream support version 0.99.4
    osst :I: $Id: osst.c,v 1.73 2005/01/01 21:13:34 wriede Exp $

    Hmmm, this might just work. The firmware rev is good (01931-XXX 5.63)
    and it IS an SGI-branded drive….. now to see if the known Linux software from ten years ago will even compile, much less run, on C7.

    I have a couple of the SGI-branded external Sony SDT9000’s on the way, which are considered more reliable for audio extraction, but the Peregrine was cheap ($25 including shipping on eBay) and makes a good test.

    But I was very pleasantly surprised to see CentOS 7 pick up the Xircom/Entrega PGSCSI and run with it; nice. So anyone else looking for laptop SCSI solutions, if you can find a Xircom PortGear USB-SCSI
    adapter it does look like it is supported by C7.