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I recently installed CentOS 7 on a new desktop, and I intended to put XFCE
on it, but I think I made a mistake by choosing the Legacy-X group, and now I’m puzzled as to what I have.

I thought my first boot would be into runlevel 3, but I got a gui that looks like an odd mix of Gnome 2 and KDE. The anaconda logs show a group install of gnome-desktop and legacy-x, plus a lot of KDE stuff.

The mix looks ok, and handles my dual monitors fine, but there are some prefs that simply don’t work — one important bit is that my monitors mostly (but sometimes) go into power save, and I cannot find an option to do it manually.

One option now is to install XFCE, but I don’t know how that works. Maybe better to uninstall gnome-desktop and legacy-x and just go with XFCE, and I’ll wind up with a coherent environment. Btw, I’ve tried both Gnome 3 and xfce on an old machine in fedora, and much prefer XFCE. (Luckily, we have choices.)

Any guidance?

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