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I would like to install CentOS 7.3 on my new Lenovo M900 machine. I am using the official 1 DVD installer. The installation process was fine without any error but after reboot the USB keyboard and the USB mouse did not work. Therefore I was not able to type anything or pass the first boot screen. Only the power button is working.

Any idea why? I believe the installation media is using the same kernel components as the installed machine. So why the installer is working and the installed system is not?

BR, Zsolt

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  • On Wed, Mar 01, 2017 at 05:55:21PM +0100, SZ, Zsolt wrote

    Did you disable UHCI (low speed) USB support during the install? USB
    keyboards and mice use that protocol on Intel and Via USB chipsets. There’s also an OHCI (low speed) USB driver for non-x86 chipsets.

  • Dear Walter,

    thanks for your answer. I did not touch any settings between installation and the final system. That what confused me. There was no change at all between working and non working USB state just a simple reboot.

    To make things more complex. First time, when failed, I installed from external USB single sided DVD media. I have another M900 machine. Now I
    made a USB pendrive installer from double sided DVD media (called everything). And now it is working. The two machines is exactly the same based on the serial numbers, checked on Lenovo site, but I have seen some difference between BIOS settings. No idea why. Now I try to investigate what is “problem” with the first machine. And why there is such BIOS

    BR, Zsolt