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I just upgraded to C-6.3. Since the upgrade when I try to start LibreOffice I get the following error: “The application cannot be started. A general error occurred while accessing your central configuration.”

I tried running it from both the command line and the application menu.

If I run it as root it starts up normally.

Google says a lot of people are having the problem but there do not seem to be any useful solutions.

Has anyone solved this problem?


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  • wrote:

    Haven’t run into that problem. I just updated my own system Friday, and rebooted it yesterday. LO doesn’t seem to always start when I log in, but no other problems.


  • Agreed but I am not sure where to look since rpm -V says all is OK and setenforce 0 does not help. System logs also show nothing.

    Does anyone know what the phrase “accessing your central configuration” is referring to?


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    Ok, try this – I’ve just done rpm -ql libreoffice-core | grep -i cfg, and I see a lot’s in /usr/lib64/libreoffice – you might check ownership there.


  • Everything listed there is root:root with 644 or 755 permissions.

    I also did:
    (tigger pts9) # rpm -V libreoffice-core
    (tigger pts9) #

    modulo so kind of packaging bug, I would expect rpm to complain if the ownership or perms were wrong.


  • Just because I like to see what I am going to rm before I actually do it, I
    tried this instead:

    (tigger pts3) $ ll ~/.config/libreoffice
    /bin/ls: cannot access /home/tdiehl/.config/libreoffice: No such file or directory
    (tigger pts3) $

    I even made sure I owned ~/.config. It is owned by me and perms are 755.

    Any other ideas?


  • Since ~/.config/libreoffice is where libreoffice stores your user configuration files, I guess it didn’t get that far before crashing.

    I personally use the libreoffice rpms downloaded directly from Perhaps you could remove the CentOS-native rpms and try installing the rpms and see what happens. I’ve been using their rpms since shortly after libreoffice got started, and it’s been working fine for me.

    You will want to install all of the rpms in the RPMS directory in both the install and helpfile tarballs, and the libreoffice-freedesktop-menus rpm in the RPMS/desktop subdirectory.