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On CentOS 6, I’ve been trying to use LibreOffice to fill in entries of a PDF with fillable forms. In addition to all my other problems, the font size is stuck on 24. I can change it, but whenever I so much a take a deep breath, it’s back to 24 again. How do I stop this?

So far, all my searches have given me stuff about making fillable forms, but nothing about dealing with existing ones.

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  • Michael Hennebry wrote:
    For CentOS 6, I just use acroread. I’m annoyed to find that once I’ve saved the forms via print->CUPS-pdf, evince, if I remember from a couple weeks ago, can see the filled out form, but not print it filled out, while acroread can print it out for real (like, sending them into a Certain Government Agency, it being that time of the year).

    Haven’t tried in CentOS 7, though I did just find something annoying – the default pdf viewer in 7, okular, won’t let me copy and paste from a .pdf to a text document. However, evince *does* let me select some lines and copy and paste.