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I’ve got a CentOS 7 VM that occasionally becomes unresponsive. There’s a “list_add corruption” entry in /var/log/messages, included below.

This is on VMware. We have lots of other VMs which are running just fine. Only a few are CentOS 7 VMs, though, so I can’t rule out some kind of environment issue.

It’s up-to-date on OS patches, and running kernel 3.10.0-514.26.2.el7.x86_64. When it locks up, there isn’t any indication on its console, other than it looks like it’s waiting at a login prompt. I did some Googling, which suggested similar issues have been around a while, but the results I found tended to be for CentOS 6 and older kernels.

Can anyone help me understand what this means?

Jul 31 16:58:15 den-nagios kernel: ————[ cut here ]———-