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I am trying to build a CentOS 6.4 LiveCD using the config provided per CentOS minimal Live kickstart using command:

livecd-creator –config

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  • aught warning during installation of packages”warning:
    /etc/dracut.conf created as /etc/dracut.conf.rpmnew”

    Now how do I go about renaming the /etc/

    and more importantly why the downloaded packages from official CentOS
    repository has to do this to me?

    CentOS is supposed “just work”, right?

  • Check the Label of your ISO file, apparently it has to be exactly
    “c6min-live”, or you need to fix something in your kickstart file.

    It looks like you already have /etc/dracut.conf when that package is installed.

    I suggest that you enable mdraid and dmraid, so you can use that LiveCD
    on Servers with software RAIDs.