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This alias should be a great default addition to the bashrc… as it helps install packages to a CentOS system from the mounted install CD before you get networking up and running…

alias localyum=’yum –disablerepo=* localinstall’

Does Red Hat care about Requests for Enhancement? or is filing a bug pointless?


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  • 2012/7/23 Fernando Cassia :

    Since the latest version of yum obsolete (in Fedora at least so I
    believe in CentOS it is/will be the same) the localinstall option, I
    believe that using this alias is useless.


  • Little old thread, but needs answer for future reference.

    “yum install ” works, and I think it worked/works on CentOS 5.x. I
    stumbled on this while installing dependencies for packages I
    recompiled. I was installing while in directories with rpm file and using wildcards in yum install command.

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  • Thanks. I wasn´t aware of this. Luckily if I read this correctly, the ability to install packages from a local source won´tbe hampered, it just won´t need the ´localinstall´ option…


  • But the removal of localinstall doesn´t mean an easy to remember alias
    wouldn´t be of use, it´d just mean that the syntax would change to
    alias localyum=’yum –disablerepo=* ´

    localyum install /media/CentOS6/Packages/whatever.rpm