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Can logwatch be configured to display the system uptime as part of the reporting prologue? If not then what would be the recommended way of including this information in a daily logwatch report?

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  • Thanks a lot! Helps you to be aware that you definitely missed something important if you haven’t the box rebooted during more than 45-60 days…


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  • It is also pretty easy to add a new item to the logwatch report. I created my own uptime module which is really nothing more than the piped output of

    The uptime section of the logwatch report looks like this:

    ——————— Uptime report Begin ———————-

  • More sustainable, I think, would be to copy zz-runtime.conf to
    /etc/logwatch/conf/services and then enable it.

    Changes in /usr/share/logwatch/* will be overwritten during a package update, while customizations in /etc/logwatch will remain unchanged.