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Hello All,

the update to CentOS6.6 got interrupted on a laptop. I then did this:
package-cleanup –cleandupes yum-complete-transaction and remove and reinstall the latest kernel.

I now get an error message when booting:
/dev/mapper/vg_jvermeulen-lv_home does not exist.

I can boot into single user mode and run all commands.

in fdisk -l …..lv_home is not listed.

How can I re-add this?
I do have a backup of this machine.

Thanks for any help.

Greetings, Johan

3 thoughts on - Lost A Lvm After Update To CentOS6.6

  • Hello,

    thanks very much for the very fast reply. Something that I did made it wors, because file system is now read-only.

    I will try to use rescue mode from a CentOS-dvd, use chroot, and try the vgchange-command.

    Greetings, Johan

    op 30-10-14 12:25, Nux! schreef:

  • Op 30-10-14 om 13:51 schreef Johan Vermeulen:

    excuse me for top posting earlier. Nux, this solved the issue. I owe you a beer – on top of all the beers I owe you for using you repo – .

    Greetings, Johan