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Hi all,

anyone know when LXDE will be available for CentOS?
Fedora lxde was nice but its end of life is far to short for a server.

Thanks Gary.

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  • Doubtful we’ll see LXDE in the official repos. [1] See the note at the previous link about Openbox packages. LXDE is something that EPEL or other repos might package to supplement the official package selection.

    As an off-hand comment, EPEL has a fluxbox RPMs. Lightweight window manager nonetheless … if you’re looking to compromise.


    You might grab the Fedora SRPMs and build them for CentOS as [0] suggests.

    [0] http://blog.lxde.org/?p13

  • As a further follow up (I haven’t personally tested any of this), some others in the thread recommend using a lower version, such as F12, but at least you have the list of all the packages.

  • If anyone wants to try this, here’s a /etc/yum.repos.d/rosalab.repo file you can use:

    ### Name: Rosalab
    ### URL: http://mirror.rosalab.ru/

    name=Rosalab – Base baseurl=http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa-
    server2012/repository/$basearch/base/release mirrorlist=http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa-server2012/mirrorlist/res-base enabled=1

    name=Rosalab – Updates baseurl=http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa-
    server2012/repository/$basearch/base/updates mirrorlist=http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa-server2012/mirrorlist/res-base-
    updates enabled=1

    name=Rosalab Extras baseurl=http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa-
    server2012/repository/$basearch/extra/release mirrorlist=http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa-server2012/mirrorlist/res-extra enabled=1

    name=Rosalab Extras – Updates baseurl=http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa-
    extra-updates enabled=1

    Modify the priorities as desired, then run “yum install lxde-common”.

    You’ll have to download some packages from EPEL, and giblib from RPMForge.

  • That is 32 bit, the machine I want to put it on is 64 bit. It is a dual core 2Ghz processor with 3 gig ram so will see how it stands up running the apps I want under gnome as a server.

    Thanks for the replies. Gary.

  • if you only have 3gb ram, there’s no real point in running 64bit applications (or even a desktop shell), even if your OS is 64bit. you’d just need the 32bit X libraries available.

  • With 3 GB RAM, there is no point running any single byte of 64bit code (nor a kernel nor a userland) as it uses more memory (uses memory less efficiently) than a 32 bit environment.