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when I log in through SSH to a remote site and open the web interface from a ( new ) printer using Lynx, it only displays :

FRAME: wlmframe

I suspect this is some unfriendly coding, that will cost me time in opening Firefox instead of Lynx or w3m.

Does anybody know of a way around this?

Greetings, Johan

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  • You will need to figure out what URL the printer wants. You can look at the source HTML to see if you can figure it out. links might be able to show more of the page, as well. That might be a total solution, as there may be even more ”unfriendly” coding that prevents you from using their UI from a text-based browser (e.g., point-and-click JavaScript).


  • You could also use SSH port forwarding to let you open up the printer’s web page on your workstation rather on the remote server.

  • I’d use a SOCKS proxy for that. On your local machine run:

    SSH -ND 3333 remote_server

    Then temporarily configure your web browser to use localhost:3333 as its proxy.

    In Firefox the setting is under Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Connection

    Since this is only temporary, but something you might want to do from time to time, consider one of the numerous browser extensions that help with this. For firefox, I use the Toggle Proxy addon to toggle between no proxy and the manually configured one.

    Hope this helps,


  • In case you’re not familiar with SOCKS proxies, the aforementioned setup will allow your browser to connect to the printers web server as though you were running the browser on remote_server.