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So, I am using MATE from EPEL as my desktop on one of my laptops.

The screen saver was working, however the monitors (if connected via a docking station) were not going to sleep even if selected via the GUI
mate power manager.

I then discovered that dpms has to be initialized via the command line before it becomes available, regardless of the GUI mate power manager setting.

This documentation for Fedora has the detailed info:

(see page 37 in the document index … or page 45 of 52 in the pdf reader)

But basically, I needed to do this to turn on DPMS to happen at the 10
minute point:

xset +dpms; xset dpms 0 0 600

I figured I can’t be the only one who had this problem .. so I thought I
would post it here.

Thanks, Johnny Hughes

One thought on - MATE Power Save And Dpms

  • Johnny:

    Kind of you to post this.

    Odd thing is, I don’t recall ever having had to do that on C7/MATE. I’m running MATE on my Acer netbook (C7), and a couple of VMs that I don’t use much, but use for hacking around to try things before breaking my netbook.

    I did install from a Gnome cd/dvd (forget which) but first thing I did was install EPEL and MATE. wonder if Gnome would have pre-done that op for me?