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I have successfully installed the cross compiled dll’s and other files supplied by CentOS 7 on a machine running Windows 7. When I run GtkLauncher.exe it comes up with the google page displayed. However, when I try to view “http://www.msnbc.com” Gtklauncher crashes in libjavascriptcore.dll at offset 0xa4944. nfl.com comes up, but then crashes in the same place.

My questions are:

1. Can anyone else successfully bring up these web sites in GtkLauncher.exe?

2. If not, is this a known problem and is there a fix?

3. If these sites can be viewed, then there is probably something in my environment that is not correct. Does anyone have any thoughts on what might cause my behavior? What about fonts or pango stuff?

I used “Dependency Walker” and objdump of libjavascriptcore.dll on Windows and the offset looks like it is in the function “cti_vm_handle_exception”. Unfortunately this doesn’t tell me where the exception occurred.

I then ran it in gdb and got two stack frames. gdb said the stack was corrupted. The two stack addresses that I got pointed to the same area, but not exactly. The first frame on the stack looked like it was in some exception code. The second one was in some long function that started with

I appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone has. Or at least a pointer to somewhere or one that might have an idea about this.



Tony Kubalak

Software Engineer Cray, Inc.