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I had downloaded c6 64 bits ISO, selected all packages to be installed. One dependency warning relating to Emacs appeared. I chose to continue. Unfortunately I was multitasking and did not note down the package name

Twice this issue appeared — first time around aborted install due to power cut. Did anybody else face this situation?

Also is there a better way with just DVDs and not LAN to select all package install. (no Kickstart, NFS server etc.) I have the ISO images though.

/ducks I know no sysadmin installs everything on a CentOS box… But then it is just a single desktop to get legroom in a M$ shop / Home

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  • Greetings,

    Completely agree.

    But the in multitude of CentOS 5 (all-) installs I have done since
    2007, I never had any such issues.

  • Hello Ashkab,

    Be so kind not to top post and trim your replies.

    The distribution is build by upstream so packages within a release do not conflict with one another. An installation including every single packages should not be a problem.

    If the original poster is seeing dependency issues with the ISO install he should probably take a note of what package it is that is missing from that particular ISO so the CentOS team can look into it and correct the spin if needed.

    Regards, Leonard.

  • hi,

    firstly, you haven’t pointed out what the problem was.

    I can also confirm that its impossible to install everything on CentOS-6. That is by design, there are functional overlaps that are enforced at the rpm level that prevent you from doing so.

    CentOS-5 isnt CentOS-6.

  • KB: I assume this was done for some useful purpose, not simply to make sure nobody can install everything if they want to…

    back in the RH5/6 days (not RHEL) I used to commonly choose an
    “everything” installation. now that the distribution is so big I don’t even try, anymore.

  • Right, its based on duplicate functionality. in some cases ( like sendmail + postfix ) you can indeed install both. But in others, you cant.

    yeah, and the idea of ‘everything’ is a bit odd given that you can now include external repos – so you might get an everything install that brings in 12,000 rpms – runs for 3 days to get done – and needs 50GB of disk space :)..

  • Greetings,

    Thanks KB, for the explanation.

    I will be more careful this time around.

    The missing dependency I was talking about was about :

    ** Found 1 pre-existing rpmdb problem(s), ‘yum check’ output follows:
    1:emacs-23.1-21.el6_2.3.x86_64 has missing requires of libotf.so.0()(64bit)

    I got this error when trying to install scribus

  • The actual problem is that there are 3 things that provide libotf.so.0
    and one of them is openmpi-psm. There is a newer version of openmpi that obsoletes that rpm and yum can handle it, but anaconda can not handle that obsolete. Because of that, it breaks the installation.

    This issue should be taken care of on the 6.4 ISOs.

    So, if you do not install openmpi items, you should be OK.

  • Greetings,

    Thanks Johnny for the information.

    I guess I don’t need MPI as these systems mostly are the one or two in network Mostly so/ho/home and mostly are desktop class boxes — no ipmi and the sort.

    I will remember that.

    I do install clustering (without any fencing device or manual fencing of course) and virtualization as frequently I have to give training /
    demo / POC / Gentle intro to HA, virtualization and the such.

  • I’ve been digging through my kickstart configs trying to fix this and haven’t had any luck finding what requires openmpi that’s causing my install to require manual intervention. Admittedly, I just hack around at these and haven’t dug super deeply into the tools. Could someone point me at somewhere that might help me figure out what I’m installing that’s causing this whole thing to kick in?