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Forgive the out of band topic but I presume some of you here support MS desktops on your CentOS based services as do we. I am hoping that maybe one of you have run into this at some point. I am unable to find an answer on other forums and my google fu seems to have left me on this subject.

I have a user that has somehow managed to remap their function keys so that they no longer work properly on a MS-Winv7pro workstation. Specifically, pressing the function key F4 results in the letter ‘S’
being displayed. I have absolutely no idea how they managed this, they have no memory of what they were doing when it first happened, and I
can find nothing on MS Technet or the usual support forums that recognize this condition. None of the other keys on the keyboard appear affected by the change.

The remapping is specific to this user’s DOMAIN profile. As we use roaming profiles the effect follows them from workstation to workstation. It does not affect other users that subsequently use the same workstation with their own logons.

I believe that this situation is a result of some combination of keystrokes whilst in normal use as it is doubtful that this user would open anything other than their job related programs from desktop icon. I have verified that this issue is not application specific, it affects all of that user’s programs, so it must be a Windows configuration issue and I suspect the accessibility functions.

Anyone with relevant information or links to appropriate references please reply off list. I feel like I am on a wheel in a hamster cage with this recurring WinBS.

Thank you for your forbearance.