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Hello Rob,

Perhaps a file upload/post size limitation? Maximum execution time limit? You should ask your provider.

A workaround could be to cut the dump up using text editor and try doing it in parts.

Regards, Leonard.

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  • Rob,

    I have experienced a similar problem a few months back between two different versions of mySQL, both running on CentOS 5. The problem was caused by mysqldump writing a bad CREATE TABLE
    statement into the dump file for one of the tables. More specifically, one column had to small of a size allocated to it (and definitely different than what was in the originating database) so the import kept failing because UTF-8 characters could not fit into it. Manually fixing the size in the dump file took care of the problem.


  • Hi, it seems normal,

    There must be shown you which line is mistake…

    May you have triggers in your table.

    mysqldump -u rkampen -p –skip-triggers –databases databasename >

    test without triggers. Regards

  • 1. as John notes, this is off-topic
    2. did you notice that you give *no* information about the problem? (no,
    “failure to load” is not a problem description.)


  • so? shall we talk about cars? I bet a bunch of us drive. how about food? most everyone here eats!

    I bet a rather large number of us have zero knowlege of your specific plesk-on-debian configuration. plesk is not a CentOS component, and debian certainly isn’t CentOS. I’d suggest taking this up on a plesk or mysql list, or better yet, as previously suggested, with whomever is providing this plesk based hosting environment, as they are the only ones familiar with the actual configuration.

  • From: Rob Kampen

    Maybe upload the sql file with FTP and ask the other admin to load the file from the cmdline. Also, google says: “Customers could not import SQL databases using phpMyAdmin with the error “No database selected” if the SQL file did not contain the command use .”
    But yes, you should ask your question to plesk people…