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This question is, at best, somewhat peripheral to CentOS, but I’m hoping to be forgiven, and that someone here can give me a clue.

I’ve just brought up a nameserver on my household LAN, bind9 on a Raspberry Pi.

The connection with CentOS is this: my main desktop is C7, and its hardwired network is also manual, not dhcp. I’ve edited the ipv4 config (in NM) and changed the DNS settings from (the router) to (the RPi). I’ve also manually tweaked /etc/resolv.conf to contain instead of

Works fine until I fire up a vpn. Having done that, looking in /etc/resolv.conf (while the vpn is connected) it has reverted to After shutting down the vpn, remains in resolv.conf

What am I overlooking here?

Now the not-so-CentOS-related question:

I’ve changed the dhcp settings in my router so it should deliver to the dhcp clients instead of And it does, sorta. all the systems that use DHCP, now are configured with two DNS server addresses,, and And I have no clue why is still showing. Both windows and Linux systems are showing this behavior.

Clues appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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  • –Which VPN? It’s not uncommon for VPN software to change the resolver setting to point to your VPN peer’s DNS, so that all traffic goes through the VPN, including your DNS traffic.