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while # sudo nautilus

i get this :

root@static-16 aditya]# sudo nautilus No protocol specified Could not parse arguments: Cannot open display:
[root@static-16 aditya]#

please resolve.

Also what does the “static-16” denote?

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  • 2013/12/28 aditya mamidwar

    static-16 is hostname of your computer. you need to use command like gksudo nautilus or kdesu nautilus, because of X access control.

  • “Dangerous” depends on your local trust model.

    Back when I was new to Unix — a couple of decades ago, before widespread firewalls and such — we tended to trust LAN users implicitly. That level of trust allowed some nice features that we’ve had to give up in this more hostile modern world.

    There once was a fun program you could run on a lab full of X Window terminals or workstations that would march an Energizer Bunny from one screen to the next, along the bottom edge of the screen. Can’t do that kind of thing now, thanks to security killjoys and the bad actors that create jobs for them.

    Two decades later, we’re contemplating encrypting everything to the Nth degree purely because there is so much mistrust — and good reason for that mistrust — in the world.

    This is an improvement?