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In my testing of HIP, there is reference to use ‘nc6’ for a simple tcp
character echo server. No such animal in CentOS, and after a bit of digging I find this refers to Netcat6 which seems to be a dead app? Is it available as an rpm somewhere for CentOS? My searching is coming up empty. Or just about any service that I can start on one system and connect from another that would perform this simple echo test.

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  • Is that a trick question? Try:
    yum info nc

    ‘yum search nc’ would be the first thing to try, but you have to sort through a lot of partial-match cruft.

  • ARGH!!!

    I only searched for nc6 (per the readme) then went a googling and found references to nc, but never went back to look for it :(

    too rushed. Got deadlines tomorrow and things are not working as they should.

    but then what else is new?

  • Robert Moskowitz wrote:
    bit of

    Oh, come on, none of *us* have these problems, or others, like, say, your manager’s boss, standing there as you try to get the new guy set up with xming and putty-cac, not putty, and they’ve got a meeting in 2 minutes….