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2 weeks ago, i had my internet service changed from copper DSL to fiber DSL.

now, every time i reboot, internet connection is automatically connecting on boot.

before last update to 6.6, i could configure connection, now i can not bring up configuration window to disable auto connect.

because of uneasy feelings about leaving computer up when i leave home, i disconnect ‘bell line’ so that when i am gone and have a mains failure and ups shuts down, i will not have internet connected when mains restore.

also makes for uneasy feeling when retiring for night. :-)

what do i have to do to change this?

any and all replies / suggestions greatly appreciated. tia.

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  • my DSL is delivered as an ethernet connection, there’s nothing to connect or disconnect, although I suppose I could use ifconfig eth0 up and ifconfig eth0 down

  • If you use Network Manager, just right-click on the little doodad in your panel bar and un-check “Enable networking”. When you want to re-connect, right-click on the little doodad and check “Enable networking”.

    This will work regardless of whether your computer is hooked up with a wireless or wired ethernet connection.

  • hello John. my thanks for replying.

    failed to mention the modem i have is a 2Wire 3800HGV-B.

    connections, top down are;

    Auxline – Lines 1&2 – Phone Line – Broadband –
    Local Ether Net 1, 2, 3, 4 – USB-PC – Coaxline – Power

    input is via Phone Line, Broadband, or Coaxline. rest are outputs. except for Power. ;-)

    instead of using ‘ifconfig’, i have a network icon in ‘system tray’. see my reply to Frank Cox.

  • hi Frank. thank you for replying.

    well, i guess i have ‘Network Manager’ if it is the network icon, aka,
    “doodad”, in the system tray. but it does not give config menu in center of screen as i used to see.

    your reply got my ‘chemo brain’ to thinking again about what is presented for right-click.

    with right-click, a settings menu pops up with;

    [ ] Enable Networking
    [ ] Enable Wireless
    [ ] Enable Notifications
    (i) Connection Information {grayed out}
    [ ] Edit Connections
    (i) About

    Enable Networking and Enable Wireless must be checked to enable either when icon is left-clicked and network _will_auto_connect_ after reboot.

    if both are unchecked, left-click activates a grayed notice of
    ‘Networking disabled’ and network _will_not_auto_connect_ after reboot.

    if only it would with out auto connect on reboot.

    thanks again for reply. open to more suggestions.