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I have looked into the various network attached storage devices and software based solutions.

Can’t really find one I like.

Would it be possible to add a couple HDs to my existing 6.8 server and set them up as RAID drives? If so, how would I keep it from mirroring the system drive?

Just spent$2500 on a transmission for my truck, so I broke right know and need to go the cheapest route.


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  • assuming your server has room for more drives and sata or sas ports, sure. physically add the disks, use mdraid to put them in a mirror or raid5/6 or whatever, use vgcreate to define a new volumegroup from that raid, then use lvcreate to create logical volumes on that volume group, which you can put file systems on, and add those file systems to your
    /etc/fstab, then mount them.

    it would only do that if you explicitly told it to.

  • TE Dukes wrote:

    Of course, and you need to read up on RAID a bit.

    Try this trick, if you’ve got a big enough tower case: buy a couple of hot-swap drive bays from Microcenter, about $30 each. Then buy a couple of WD Reds – whatever TB you can afford. Install the hot swap bays, stick the drives in, and use Linux RAID to set them up, either as a mirror (RAID 1), or RAID 0, I think.

    Then just partition it using parted, and have fstab mount it wherever you want.


  • which


    I think this will get me started, then I can buy an enclosure, a couple extra, etc., when I recover from the auto expense.

  • hot-swap in, I

    That’s cool! Didn’t know they made something like that.

    I only have one spare 5.25 and one spare 3.5. I think this TS130 has 2 –
    5.25, 2 – 3.5 and 2 – 2.5.

    I know they make a 5.25 to 3.5 adapter. Probably will just pick one of those up for now but that hot-swap bay will give me options when I can expand things a little.