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I use automounter to mount to many hosts


When the hostname is unavaliable it seems NFS gets stuck. I would like to set a NFS timeout (say 60 secs). If not available then error. I need to use hardmount but is there such a thing as NFS client timeout?

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  • Hi Rita, As i m not perfect on this but still you can try once as i have written bellow You can modify a configuration file. Search for a word called “TIMEOUT ” in “/etc/sysconfig/autofs”. By default it is 300, you need to change according your requirement.
    # /etc/sysconfig/autofs TIMEOUT`

    # service autofs reload

  • Rita wrote:

    If the client has already mounted the server using the hard option – and then the server goes away, the client will hang on the mount point until the server reappears – there is no such thing as a ‘timeout’ with hard mounts …

    However, if you mean reducing the mount failure timeout when the client attempts to mount a server that is not available, then have a look at the NFS ‘retry’ option in the nfs man page

    But if you are using /etc/ to automount under /net, then this uses showmount to find exported mounts from a server, so will error fairly quickly anyway if the server is available

    James Pearson