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Hello, I am having a weird networking issue. Now I know this is a CentOS mailinglist, and the system I am having issues with is proxmox ve 3.3 (debian based) but I am sure one of you guys faced this issue. So I am having an issue of no connectivity with my NICs. I have manually configured and I have tried dhcp. The OS sees the NICs loads the drivers, but I cannout ping anything on the lan.

The only card that works out of the box is my only PCIE intel dual 1000
nic. my PCIX based intel pro 1000 nor my realk r8169 nics work, yet debian sees the NIC. I can bring them up and configure no errors. I just cannot ping anything on my lan

any help would be appericated


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  • Are you connecting all of the Ethernet adapters to the same LAN, with different addresses in the same IP subnet? You might have a problem with arp flux…

  • No, the way the server is planned be setup certain NICs go to different ip subnets. I got it working though after making virtual bridges for each nic and using only one for the host and the rest for VMs.