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Hey All,

I’ve installed CentOS 7 in a KVM powered VM on my CentOS 6 desktop. I’m not getting any sound.

Google seams to have no clue what to do. How about you?

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  • Hey Darr Darr,

    Thank you for the response. Unfortunately there was no solution to my problem there.

    I have a Windows 7 guest with working sound. The CentOS 7 guest not so much. The host machine is CentOS 6. I’m using KVM. They were using vmware.

    I ran:

    [mlapier@peach ~]$ amixer set Master 100%
    Simple mixer control ‘Master’,0
    Capabilities: pvolume pswitch pswitch-joined
    Playback channels: Front Left – Front Right
    Limits: Playback 0 – 65536
    Front Left: Playback 65536 [100%] [on]
    Front Right: Playback 65536 [100%] [on]
    [mlapier@peach ~]$

    I set the KVM powered CentOS 7 guest to use the AC97 audio. Reboot, restart, no joy.

    The article seemed to suggest that they were trying to connect with a remote desktop. I’m not doing that either. I’m looking to get sound on the host machine from the guest machine.