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Que tal amigos:

Resulta es que no tengo red despyes de instalar CentOS 6.2, sigo la ruta: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/

y no me aparece el archivo ifcfg-eth0

e visto cosas similares de otros usuarios de CentOS….

donde si encuentran ifcfg-eth0 y tienen que modificar el Onboot a yes, pero ami no me aparece?
realice la instalacion minimal.

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  • Human translator here ;)

    He says he does NOT see ifcfg-eth0 in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/

    He adds “I’ve seen other users’ reports where they DO find a ifcfg-eth0 and they end up adding onboot=yes. but he doesn’ t get that file. He says he has CentOS 6.2 and did the minimal install.


  • Ha!, just another reason NOT to include system-config-network-tui as part of the base install, I guess. Who needs friendly menus to setup networking?. *sarcasm*


  • I´d suggest everyone to stop using Google Translate. ;) Either the OP
    will come back here in English, or we´d have to use a human translator. Some of the wording is confusing when doing automated translations, I´m not sure the OP will get the meaning ;)

    The above phrase was translated as “produces an exit of the interface”. ;)
    when you actually meant “shows any output” which should have been translated as “muestra algo?”