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I’m running NoScript because otherwise Firefox freezes up a lot. Recently I’ve had difficulty accessing a site. I suspect the reason is that it uses redirection in a way that frustrates my efforts to give it permission. To test the notion, I’m considering temporarily allowing script globally. How hard is it to reverse?
Will I need to redo previous permissions one at a time?

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  • The specific claim is “Atlassian Cloud – Unable to Set Session Cookie”. Also:
    “Please make sure your browser has third-party cookies enabled and then try again using the button below. Don’t refresh the page.”

    According to Firefox, I have third-party cookies enabled,

  • Michael Hennebry wrote:
    I’ve been running noscript for years, but the version that showed up a couple-three weeks ago suddenly is really screwed up. I’ll go to a page, and want to temporarily want to allow several links, and there’s *nothing*
    to emaible. But if I got to the toolbar, tools, add-ons, disable noscript, then re-enable it, it works again…


  • No, your saved permissions will not be affected. Just click on “Forbid scripts globally” and you will be right back to where you were before.

  • Thanks. My notion was correct. Once I got there, I did a “Forbid scripts globally” and an “allow this page”.

  • The way I handle this is by creating a special profile which has no extensions or security settings.

    Inside your desktop manager open a terminal session and run ‘firefox
    -P –no-remote’ The no-remote option opens a new Firefox window and session whether or not you already have one running. Then press
    ‘Create Profile’, give it a name, and use that whenever you get into a Firefox / Extensions conflict on a particular web site.

    I have my Firefox panel launcher set up to use ‘firefox -P
    –no-remote’ always. Tthis allows me vastly more flexibility dealing with multiple websites at the price of a trivial delay during the browser start-up.

    This problem is the result of recent changes made to the extensions interface. I can hardly wait to see what is broken with v57.