Not Able To Configure Nagios Server 4.3.4 In CentOS 7

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Hi Team,

I was trying to install the Nagios server in CentOS 7. I had downloaded and unzipped the Nagios server and it’s plugins file.

As per the installation instructions I ran the commands in the concerned folders of ./configure , make , make install for both the core and the Nagios plugins.

I am not able to figure out the issue behind that it is not working It did got installed using yum which was a previous 4.3.2 that that had it’s own errors and wanted me to update with no update of it available in the epel repository.

Can anyone help with this ?


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  • What’s not working? Did it compile correctly? Nagios needs some extra packages to for all of its features to work. These can be installed via YUM even if you compile Nagios itself from source.

    Also, if you install Nagios from source, SELinux will prevent it from doing a lot of stuff by default. However, it’s entirely possible to run Nagios with SELinux in Enforcing mode with the right policy.

  • Thanks for your reply

    Actually the case is that the compiling process and make all, make install processes didn’t report any errors but when I trying to access or start the service Nagios it gives me an error stating it’s unable to find that service.

    This happens with me when I try to manually install the applications from source. Am I missing any important step in the installation process that could be causing this issue.

    Thanks and Regards, Abhinay

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  • Did you also run the rest of the make install commands (install-init, install-config, etc.)? I seem to recall that install-init is the one that sets up the services so that “service nagios start” or “systemctl start nagios.service” work.

  • I am the maintainer of the Nagios package in EPEL so I may be able to help here.

    I am guessing you are downloading the nagioscore zip file from the github?

    The default nagios configure will put things in many ‘strange’ places which may work on some sort of BSD but do not work with most of the Linux. There are a lot of configure options one needs to pass which are in the src.rpm spec file which you can see at

    I hate to say this but a make install may have pushed files and permissions all over this system so you are going to need to either spend some time cleaning or redeploy.

    If you want to make an updated rpm because I am not caught up:

    yum install epel-releast yum install fedpkg fedpkg clone –anonymous nagios cd nagios fedpkg switch-branch epel7
    fedpkg srpm
    [This will make a src.rpm of the latest code.]
    download the source code you want. edit the spec file to point to the new src code. check to see if a patch-0000 is turned on in the spec file. If it is comment it out as it will contain a src diff to the maintenance upstream branch fedpkg mockbuild start debugging what might have not worked or you will have fixed rpms in results/

    There is an update in epel-testing. I am looking for people to test it so I can push it to stable.