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We have a couple of CentOS 7 boxes that were built before I was hired to clean up the kickstart script used for C7 boxes. We had a couple of rpm packages that were pre-C7 that were used and setup the old SysV Init way using ntsysv and chkconfig on these boxes. (I finally fixed that in the newer scripts.) These are out in the field and I’m having to deal with them as they are. One thing I’m having trouble with is updating them without this error:

Now, I’ve verified the chkconfig v1.7.2 package is available on the mirror we’re using, I’ve rebuilt the RPM database and nothing has worked. I’m not even sure what the problem is at this point. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Mark Haney wrote:

    What yum command line did you use that gave the above errors?

    I’m not an expert on yum, but the above errors seem to indicate that 3
    versions of chkconfig are involved: 1.7.2-1.el7_3.1, 1.7.2-1.el7 and
    1.3.61-4.el7 – not sure of the significance of this …

    I guess you could try removing ntsysv and then trying to update chkconfig and then re-install ntsysv :

    yum remove ntsysv
    yum update chkconfig
    yum install ntsysv

    James Pearson

  • It was just a standard ‘yum update’. I suppose I could try removing ntsysv, but I”m not sure that’ll fix it. It seems the ‘pre-existing rpmdb problem is the issue here. The ntsysv and chkconfig versions match in the Error. But the error message after the ‘**’ mentions different ntsysv and chkconfig versions. (ie 1.7.2-1.el7. instead of 1.7.2-1.el7_3.1). I’m not sure of the significance of that unless it’s a problem in the RPM builds or the rpmdb is still wrong even after a full rebuild.

    I tried to do a yum check on that server but it seemed to hang, though since I’ve never run that command, it may just be REALLY slow.

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