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I’ve seen this a couple of times, and do not understand what it’s trying to tell me:
journal: unable to create file ‘/run/user/200236571/dconf/user’:
Permission denied. dconf will not work properly.

Now, it exists, and the ownership and permissions seem correct. drwx——. 2 60 Oct 18 06:43 ./
drwx——. 8 160 Oct 6 14:42 ../
-rw——-. 1 2 Oct 18 09:42 user

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I see next to nothing in googling.


One thought on - Odd C7 Userspace Issue

  • I’ve seen that message, on and off, as well. Like you, I have no idea what’s causing it. So far, it hasn’t had any obvious impact on the user experience.

    Have you been able to connect the appearance of the message with any actions on your part? I haven’t.